About Us

About ZLINE:

We are an innovative company based around UAV Data Capture, Aerial Photography, 3D Mapping and Surveying, Graphic design and Prototyping. we are agile and can have a design brought from an idea in your head to a design on paper and even produce a working model in a relatively short period of time. We have our own 3D printers, Milling and Router machines. we also have access to Titanium 3D printing service, so most modeling can be produced on site.

About Reuben:

Reuben has a background in engineering from Zimbabwe, design and building drilling rigs for water sourcing. He has also spent a few years in the UK, in the design and engineering field. He has many years of interest in RC Model building and flying arena, which has led to the creation of Our own line of UAV's and ground based 4 x 4 Rovers. This means he has a skill set which ranges from Mechanical design, Fabrication to 3D modelling. We have over 7 years experience in UAV or Drone Mapping and Surveying and Aerial Photography, let us help you visualize your world!